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A budget-friendly double in Treme hits the market for $269K

Live in one side, rent the other, and spend your free time chilling in the tiny-but-tropical backyard

Photos courtesy Shannon Hinton Kern of Keller Williams

Looking for a renovated double at a budget price? This cottage in Treme might be for you. It sits on a stretch of St. Ann Street that has seen a surge of activity lately—numerous listings are active, and quite a few homes have recently sold. Listing agent Shannon Hinton Kern speculates that the area is heating up due to its proximity to the Lafitte Greenway and the University Medical Center and Veterans Affairs hospital. Tightening restrictions on short-term rentals, which proliferated in this area, also are a factor.

For all these reasons, it’s a buyer’s market on St. Ann Street, and this affordable double is a testament to that fact. The multi-family home was gutted to the studs in 2006 and updated again in 2017. In 2018, it received a new roof. Each side has two bedrooms and one bathroom, and each covers around 750 square feet.

Cheery cobalt hues are present inside and out, from the exterior doors and shingles to the kitchen cabinets. The spot is fairly no-frills—you won’t find any Carrera marble or cocktail pools here—but you will find an income-producing home in a centrally located, park-adjacent neighborhood. Another solid perk: With its mix of palms, cacti, mulch, a fire pit, and pebbles, the petite, fenced backyard offers the perfect mix of greenery and low-maintenance landscaping for easy outdoor hangs.

The double is asking $269,500.

Via: Shannon Hinton Kern of Keller Williams

Lafitte Greenway

Lafitte Greenway, New Orleans, LA 70119