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A 102-year-old cottage in quaint St. John Court wants $599K

The bungalow is one of 16 anchoring one of New Orleans’ most charming communities

Photos courtesy Colette Meister of New Orleans Real Estate Boutique, LLC

If you’ve never heard of St. John Court, you’re in good company. Built in 1917 to house workers at the nearby American Can Company, the tiny enclave by Bayou St. John is one of New Orleans’ most under-the-radar communities. According to, “some residents say they’ve drawn maps to help make sure police and firefighters can find it.”

Sixteen cottages populate the quaint cul-de-sac, and they don’t hit the market often. But one of the bungalows is up for grabs now. At 1,876 square feet, it’s twice the size of most of its neighbors, thanks to a ground-floor addition. The cottage now sits on the second floor, and the 7-year-old ground floor includes a living room, work alcove, and bedroom tucked behind cypress pocket doors. Porcelain tile, double-paned windows and recessed lighting bring modern vibes to the high-ceilinged space, while creating a sense of connection to the 102-year-old second story.

That part of the three- or four-bedroom home is airy and sunlight-soaked, thanks to original French doors that open to a rear deck. There also are three bedrooms (one with its own balcony), plus a dining room, on the second floor. Highlights include original hardwood floors and brick fireplaces, 11-foot ceilings, and built-in bookshelves.

Via: Colette Meister of New Orleans Real Estate Boutique, LLC

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