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Did your property taxes skyrocket last month? Here’s how to appeal

The deadline to file a formal appeal is 4 p.m. Thursday, August 22.

Last month, many local homeowners saw a steep increase in their property tax assessment. For some, it skyrocketed by more than 100 percent. That’s partly because property values have increased 18 percent across New Orleans, according to reporting from The New Orleans Advocate.

Homeowners who wish to review and discuss their taxable assessment may do so through Monday, August 18. Elderly (age 65 or older), disabled, or low-income homeowners may apply for a property tax “freeze” through Thursday, August 22.

“You should see me because you think the value placed on your property is inaccurate due to estimations on its size, comparable sales or market values,” Orleans Parish Assessor Erroll G.Williams said in a statement. “You do not dispute the property assessment because you think your taxes are too high. That is a discussion to take up with the taxing authorities.”

To dispute an assessment, file an online appeal form. The deadline to file is 4 p.m. Thursday, August 22.

You can also visit one of three offices for an informal appeal. Those locations are at City Hall (fourth floor, 1300 Perdido Street), Algiers Courthouse (first floor, 225 Morgan Street), or a temporary office at Lakeview Christian Center (second floor, 5885 Fleur De Lis Drive).

People who are applying for a freeze can fill out an application online and bring it to one of those three office locations.

Algiers Courthouse

Morgan Street, , LA 70114 Visit Website


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