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A Victorian double shotgun in Holy Cross asks $225K

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Functional and cash-generating, a traditional New Orleans double can’t be beat

A white house with two front doors at opposite ends sits on a grass lot
Transoms provide light and flair.

Full disclosure: every time we see a double shotgun that’s been converted into a single, we sigh a little. Living in one side of a double and renting out the other isn’t just a great way to increase the city’s population density while paying down a mortgage and keeping affordable housing stock on the market—it’s also, as this listing rightly proclaims, a “New Orleans tradition.”

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see homes like this Victorian double shotgun in Holy Cross. The tenant side was updated in 2008, and the owner’s side was also updated to include on-trend touches like stainless-steel appliances, subway tile, and refurbished wood floors.

However, the home’s vintage footprint is intact. Each two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit is about 800 square feet in size and features a traditional, hall-less configuration of rooms: a living room leads straight into two bedrooms, which connect to the rear kitchen and bathroom. The rental unit is basic but nice, and it’s currently rented out.

The home sits deep in Holy Cross, on a shady, fenced backyard. The neighborhood’s riverfront access is perhaps its greatest asset, and though it’s just a short trip across the Industrial Canal, Holy Cross feels quiet and pastoral. The asking price is $225,000.

Via: Bart Gillis of Dwell New Orleans Group

A grey sofa sits in a white room with wood floors, two windows and a ceiling fan.
High ceilings and natural light provide an airy feel.
Two white rooms  with wood floors and minimal furnishings are connected by an arched doorway.
Arched doorway details enhance the home’s Victorian appeal.
Brown cabinets, steel appliances and a gray wood floor fill an otherwise empty kitchen.
The all-new kitchen is decidedly sleek.

A white bed sits in the center of a white room with wood floors and one window.
The closet is a luxury not found in most historic shotgun homes.
A modern, sleek bathroom is decorated with white towels, white tile, and a white shower curtain.
Subway tile lines the bathtub.