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Got an unpaid parking ticket or library fines? Now you can settle the debt without late fees

An amnesty on late fees for city fines ends September 3

If you’ve ever left a parking ticket unpaid or lost a library book (who hasn’t?), you know how quickly late fees accrue. Often, they snowball so quickly that the original fine becomes a fraction of the total cost, and getting out of debt can seem impossible.

Fortunately, city officials have decided to throw cash-strapped New Orleanians a bone. Late fees for fines including parking and camera tickets, sales and hotel/motel taxes, code enforcement violations, and library fees are waived through September 3, thanks to the city’s Amnesty Late Fee Forgiveness Program.

“We’re seeing more and more residents engaging with this process, whether online, on the phone, by mail or in person here at City Hall,” said chief financial officer Norman White. “We want to encourage residents to participate in this program and tell their friends and family members to join them.”

  • For parking and traffic tickets, pay online, by phone (parking tickets call 525-0088; camera tickets call 658-808) or in person at City Hall (1300 Perdido St., Adjudication Bureau) or City Auto Pound (400 N. Claiborne Ave).
  • For code enforcement violation waivers, submit this online form.
  • Library fines up to $100 are waived. Visit any branch location with a photo ID or library card to receive the one-time waiver.
  • For hotel taxes, submit this online form.

Need more information? Visit or call (504) 658-2019 or 311.