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New Orleans Historic Preservation

Preview the Homes of the PRC's Annual Shotgun Tour

The Preservation Resource Center hosts its annual Shotgun Home Tour, a tour of private homes that shows off the charm and versatility of the New Orleans shotgun. This year the tour highlights the Garden District. Preview the tour's seven homes here.

The Presbytere Will Be Closed For Three-Four Weeks

The Presbytere in the French Quarter closed after a small fire this past weekend. Originally only planned to close for a week, a spokesman says the building will be closed for at least three or four weeks while crews assess smoke damage.

The Presbytere is Closed After a Fire

A smoking air conditioning unit caused a fire at the Presbytere this weekend, leading the museum to be evacuated. Because of the amount of smoke that got in the building, the museum is closed for the time being—probably through the week..

The Holt Cemetery Bone Stealer's Home Got Raided

Remember the New Orleans witch who uses bones found at Holt Cemetery for "curse work" and "general spells" and wrote about it on Facebook, causing a swell of Internet outrage that some referred to as Boneghazi?

The Cabildo and Presbytere Are Getting a Makeover

Two of New Orleans' oldest and most famous buildings are slated to get a big makeover: The state will spend millions of dollars to restore the Cabildo and the Presbytere in the French Quarter. Both buildings will receive extensive renovations.

Mid-City, Parkview May Become Historic Districts

A committee voted this week to grant both the Mid-City and Parkview neighborhoods official historic designation under the HDLC. The study committee voted Monday to separate the boundaries of neighborhoods, giving the HDLC partial control over both.

Superdome Added to National Register of Historic Places

6 Gorgeous, Grand French Quarter Homes on the Market

Historic, Highway-Adjacent Apartment Now Asking $410K

Unit in Building on National Historic Places List Asking $429K

Could New Orleans Get its Beach Back?

New Orleans City Council Approves Massive Zoning Overhaul