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Six Flags New Orleans

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11 creepy spots in NOLA

From an abandoned amusement park in New Orleans East to the scene of a horrific murder-suicide in the French Quarter, these sites are chilling in their own unique way.

Six Flags New Orleans gets appraised

Six Flags New Orleans got appraised, the first step in getting the abandoned theme park redeveloped. The McEnery Co. came up with the estimate price for the land only; the rides are essentially worthless. How much is it worth? Read on to find out.

The Six Flags appraisal: actually happening

It’s happening! The McEnery Co., which the Industrial Development Board hired to put a value on the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans, is reportedly "well into the appraisal process." The company has a third visit to the site scheduled today. Read on.

Let's talk about NOLA's failed or stalled projects

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, etc. This week we're discussing arrested developments in New Orleans. What are some of the most ridiculous ones? Sound off!

Six Flags New Orleans has an appraiser

After hitting a snaggle in the process of getting Six Flags New Orleans appraised, the first step in maybe redeveloping this giant scrapyard, the Industrial Development Board has selected a company to do the job.

Six Flags Redevelopment Gets Pushed Back Yet Again

We never had our hopes up that the latest effort to redevelop Six Flags New Orleans would happen quickly, so we're not entirely surprised that the process hit another obstacle. There was a conflict of interest with a potential appraiser.

This stream has:

Six Flags New Orleans Redevelopment

Six Flags New Orleans is teasing at redevelopment once again. Will something work out this time?

Six Flags New Orleans Will Be Appraised

None of the pitches for what to do with Six Flags got an enthusiastic response from the Industrial Development Board at their meeting yesterday. However, the board did decide to first have the 227-acre theme park appraised before doing anything else.

More Pitches for Six Flags New Orleans

Three developers attended the Industrial Development Board's meeting today armed with ideas for what to do with Six Flags New Orleans. Besides an ambitious theme park/shopping center/resort/Noah's Ark replica, other developers pitched their ideas.

Ambitious Pitch for Six Flags Includes Noah's Ark

One developer is pitching an "amusement park, resort hotel, international shopping center and Noah's ark replica" for the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans site. The New Orleans Industrial Development Board is holding a meeting about the park today.

Here's a Sad Drone Video of Six Flags New Orleans

Another "hauntingly beautiful" video of the abandoned theme park arrives, this time from, thus inspiring us to coin the term "Six Flags New Orleans porn."

The Latest on Six Flags New Orleans

The city and a City Council board are playing a game of development "not it!" with this long-abandoned property, slowly being "overtaken by nature."

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